If you’re going back to school (“I’m schooooolin’ you J-Mo!”), and listening to older episodes, by all means…

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Charley Steiner

Episode 468

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band


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Andrew Santino

Episode 469

The Fugees

The Score

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Russell Peters

Episode 470

L.L. Cool J


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Avery Pearson

Episode 471

Richard & Linda Thompson

I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight!

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Nia Renee Hill

Episode 472

George Michael


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Christina P

Episode 473

The Smiths

The Smiths (self-titled)

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Felipe Esparza

Episode 474

Manu Chau

Proxima Estacion: Esperanza

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Dana Gould

Episode 475

Elvis Costello

Armed Forces

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Bert Kreischer

Episode 476

Notorious B.I.G.

Life After Death

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Peter Billingsley

Episode 477

Merle Haggard

Down Every Road

Jenny Zigrino

Episode 478

Loretta Lynn

All Time Greatest Hits

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Baron Vaughn

Episode 479


Maggot Brain

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Ron Funches

Episode 480


Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

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Michael Rapaport

Episode 481



Tom Everett Scott

Episode 482

Steve Earle

Guitar Town

Karen Kilgariff

Episode 483

Gang of Four


Matt Pinfield

Episode 484

Mott the Hoople

All the Young Dudes

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Joe List

Episode 485

Pearl Jam



Wanda Sykes

Episode 486

Earth, Wind and Fire

That’s The Way Of The World

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Big Jay Oakerson

Episode 487

Cyndi Lauper

She’s So Unusual

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Joe Sib

Episode 488


New Day Rising

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Jeff Ross

Episode 489



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Chris Porter

Episode 490

ZZ Top

Tres Hombres

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Episode 491

Albert King

Born Under A Bad Sign

Sal Vulcano

Episode 492



The Sklar Brothers

Episode 493


Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Gareth Reynolds

Episode 494


Oracular Spectacular

Fortune Feimster knocks us the fuck out talking Bonnie Raitt on Episode 495

Fortune Feimster

Episode 495

Bonnie Raitt

Give it Up

Kevin Nealon performing at GDCJ and making us laugh looking at this photo to this day.

Kevin Nealon

Episode 496

Boz Scaggs


Bill Burr, Godfather of The God Damn Comedy Jam with the creator Josh Adam Meyers

Bill Burr

Episode 497

The White Stripes

White Blood Cells

Jim Jefferies with Josh Adam Meyers at The God Damn Comedy Jam at The Roxy in LA.

Jim Jefferies

Episode 498

The Stone Roses


Comedian & Host of The Crab Feast Podcast Ryan Sickler

Ryan Sickler

Episode 499

BB King

Live in Cook County Jail


The debut guest is actor & comedian Byron Bowers on OutKast’s album Aquemeni, southern hip hop, and life.

Byron Bowers

Episode 500