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Episode Summary:

Brazil is a gorgeous country with a rich, multicultural heritage, producing some of the most vibrant food, art and music in the world. From the wellspring of its colorful soul, a unique genre of songwriting was born in the late 1950s which evoked the sun-soaked beaches and verdant mountains of the city of Sao Paolo as well as the relaxed, yet emotionally dynamic people throughout the entire nation. It was called bossa nova, and aided by the inestimable talents of guitarist João Gilberto, it was not long before its popularity spread to the ears of American saxophonist Stan Getz. Together the two collaborated to make an bossa nova-jazz album incorporating both their talents that was so iconic, one of the tracks on 1964’s Getz/Gilberto is still one of the most recorded songs worldwide to this day. Through the record’s Brazilian roots, comedian Jade Catta-Preta has found a deeper connection to and renewed interest in her family and her home. This connection to her native country has proved doubly important as she has begun a meteoric rise to stardom through appearances on MTV’s Girl Code, Hulu’s Future Man, and as the host of E’s The Soup in 2020.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
11:00 – YMCA for a Brazilian child
16:15 – Playboy grotto fuck jams
25:45 – Drenched in soup and livin’ well
31:00 – A very emotional people
33:45 – Stop doubting yourself!
39:00 – Two blonde streaks and a sexy heart
42:45 – Freedom in love
45:45 – The rose and the gardener
47:45 – Facts!
50:00 – Let us eat cake
52:30 – The last laugh
54:45 – Undeniably funny
58:30 – Outro

New Artist/Song influenced by this week’s album:

‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Nouvelle Vogue

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