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Episode Summary:

Artists that draw inspiration from great thinkers, writers and philosophers are often praised for their ability to distill complex themes and ideas through the lens of their own unique perspective. But sometimes these people are just plain full of themselves. It’s hard to say which category pop rock superstars The Police fall into, especially given the heady nature of their fifth and final studio album Synchronicity, released in 1983. Full of morose reflections on failed romance as well as nods to Jungian theories on coincidence and literary references you need to at least as master’s degree to understand, it might be easy to write this record off as hot nerds whining about how much sex they’re having. Still, it also includes some of the band’s biggest hits. So it takes a comedian like Dan Soder, whose no-bullshit approach to life has garnered him major success through his Sirius XM show The Bonfire and appearances on Showtime’s Billions, to weigh in and decide if this album falls victim to its own sense of self-superiority, all in front of a live audience at Just For Laughs 42!

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
08:45 – A child who loves drinking songs
12:15 – Theme music for swinging
16:30 – Lie your way into success
20:30 – King of the Dan-osaurs
28:45 – Your mom knows what cum smells like
36:00 – The perfect balance of weed and coffee
39:00 – Driving from Tucson to LA to deliver an autographed poster
46:45 – Drinking for other people and not yourself
50:30 – “I have a boyfriend!”
53:30 – Death to phonies
56:00 – Facts!
58:00 – Selling out just enough
1:01:15 – Who needs a 14 hour orgasm?
1:05:15 – Outro

New Artist influenced by this week’s album:

‘Die Happy’ by Dreamers

Join. The. Movement.





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