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Episode Summary:

There have only ever been a handful of storytellers who have ever had not just the skill but also the grace to capture the saga of America with enough artistry and honesty to cut through all pretense and reveal its sad, funny, hopeful soul. Such is the case with John Prine, a singer-songwriter whose quirky, humble folk tunes made him a near overnight sensation upon the release of his self-titled debut album in 1971. Not so dissimilar to Prine, comedian Tim Dillon’s whit-hot cynicism and penchant for verbally dissecting the great hypocrisies of the day has led him to become heralded as a different kind of storyteller. Tim speaks truth to power in ways few dare to do anymore with specials on Comedy Central and Netflix, all while paying tribute to the poets and weirdos like Prine who came before him.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
08:45 – Artists of obscurity
12:30 – Going for something most people won’t get
17:30 – Comedy as an escape from reality
22:00 – What has Facebook done for anyone, really?
31:45 – Quitting booze, starting stand-up & coming out, all at once
40:00 – The Haves vs. The Have-Nots
46:30 – Tim’s Angels
53:45 – Living with mistakes
55:00 – Facts!
57:30 – “You can’t covet something if you’re doing it.”
59:45 – Getting crushed by your heroes
01:04:30 – Outro


New Artist/Song influenced by John Prine:

‘Bad Case’ by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real


Join. The. Movement.





One thought on “452 – John Prine – Tim Dillon

  1. Tim Dillon was the best best best guest you ever had. Wow! This guy has such an incredible ability to clearly describe complex thoughts and concepts. I loved this episode! Thank you.

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