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A photo from last month's show: Joe DeRosa, Bill Burr, Eric Andre, Andrew Santino, Josh Adam Meyers, Byron Bowers

Episode Summary:

To some, obsessions are a terrifying, sometimes dangerous things. To other, they can represent a found identity and an understanding that this one thing is more important to who you are than anything else. For comedian Joe Derosa, that thing is hip hop. His own career as a rapper may not have been as successful as he would have liked. But without that failure, he would have never seen such success in stand up, leading to the release of multiple albums and appearances on such TV shows as Inside Amy SchumerThe Pete Holmes Show, and Better Call Saul. And he still gets to live vicariously through his obsessive love of EPMD’s 1987 golden age of hip hop release Strictly Business.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
10:00 – Real hip hop requires a certain amount of dick swinging
14:00 – The best to ever brag about it
19:30 – You’ve gotta respect the code
28:00 – Music is best when you don’t need drugs to enjoy it
31:15 – Joe is wound pretty tight
36:00 – Growing up with spite
40:00 – Embarrassing pants
43:45 – How a failed rap career turned into comedy
50:15 – The porn career that never happened
55:30 – The life of a loose goose
56:00 – Facts!
59:00 – Get personal
1:04:00 – Outro

New Artist/Song influenced by EPMD:

‘Gift and a Curse’ by Skizzy Mars (featuring Yung Pinch)


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