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Episode Summary:

Representation matters. While some art is meant to be shared and interpreted equally by everyone, it’s important that individuals see themselves reflected in the work of someone who shares the same background as them to reinforce the fact that their shared experience has value. So to a young latinx kid from southern California, just the fact that a Chicano rock band from East LAS called Los Lobos exists can mean the world. For comedian Frankie Quinones listening to their 1984 release How Will the Wolf Survive? proves to be a heartfelt look at his deep connections to his family and home, all of which provide much of the material for his brilliant character work as “Creeper,” “Juanita Carmelita” and Cartoon Network’s Victor and Valentino.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
10:00 – Just another man from East LA
15:30 – The Church of Positivity
24:00 – Coming to America
27:15 – Mexicans/Americans
36:15 – If you’re running naked through a mall, you might to cool it on the booze
43:30 – Almost Cholo
50:45 – How does a career survive?
53:00 – Facts!
57:15 – Enjoying the journey
1:00:00 – Who steals another man’s pube trimmer?
1:02:45 – Outro

New Artist/Song influenced by Los Lobos:

‘Anywhere The Wind Blows’ by Goodbye June


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