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Episode Summary:

Sometimes the chaotic randomness of the universe can be so seemingly incomprehensible that we never fully appreciate how lucky we are just to be alive, never mind the innumerable twists of fate that have made our existence just so. Consider, for example, the fact that were circumstances any different, art rockers My Morning Jacket would have likely broken up instead of putting out their much-beloved fourth album in 2005. Then we wouldn’t be able to hear the unbridled enthusiasm in the voice of SNL alumni Brooks Wheelan as he lays out his passion for the group and all its music. Such sincere joy is rare to hear from a comedian so well known for his sardonic storytelling and subversive sarcasm through appearances on ConanLate Night with Seth Meyers and his own Comedy Central half hour special.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
05:30 – No taste to call your own
10:30 – The MMJ starter pack
17:45 – The creativity and lack thereof at SNL
26:00 – The relationship between biomedicine and comedy
31:15 – Skipping Elton John to watch the NBA playoffs
34:30 – Getting fired is the funniest thing you’ll ever do
39:45 – Falling for people with tons of followers
43:30 – That dead best friend cry
49:45 – “Nothing controls you” – Kevin Barnett
54:15 – Facts!
56:00 – Fuck the University of Florida
1:00:15 – Wine has no calories
1:03:00 – Outro

New Artist/Song influenced by My Morning Jacket:

 ‘Destroyer’ by Dead Man Winter


Join. The. Movement.





One thought on “457 – My Morning Jacket – Z – Brooks Wheelan

  1. Brooks has a fairly deec starter pack of MMJ songs, although I’d be overjoyed to challenge y’all to a duo with my own starter pack cuz it’d blow yours out of the water. 🤘😁 Or a Radiohead, or an OutKast mix.
    Anywho, Brooks was an awesome guest (cue to whisper “damn…”) for an Amazingly fun episode – Kudos Jam Master J Boogie! (yeah idunno I have no clue where the Boogie came from)- thanks and f*ck the 5 hunny

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