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Episode Summary:

When you stop caring about what others think of you, you finally have the freedom to be whoever or whatever you want to be. But you have to be honest with yourself first. That might be the closest one could come to drawing a thesis statement from the guttural yet feminine roar of alternative rock that is Hole’s 1994 release Live Through This. And few people come closer to truly personifying that willingness to defy all judgement and expectation than comedian JessiMae Peluso. From appearing in MTV’s Girl Code to hosting her own podcasts, “Sharp Tongue” and “Highlarious,” JessiMae has stood in the face of everyone who might tell her she can’t do something, looked them in the eye and dared them to try and stop her.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
06:15 – The epitome of pretty/ugly
10:30 – This is the perfect music for a horror movie
15:15 – Live your best revenge
20:15 – Thotportunities
25:30 – Give the lady some room
30:00 – Comedy so physical it leaves bruises
34:15 – Shins skinny enough to chop cheese with
39:15 – “Why is Dad moving out?”
43:15 – Letting people walk all over you
47:15 – The most satisfying ‘Fuck you’ of all
52:45 – Facts!
54:30 – Memories are the emotional currency of the world
57:30 – Quit your job and never look back
1:03:00 – Outro


New Artist/Song influenced by Hole:

‘Pretty Waste’ by Bones UK (Listen on Spotify)


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