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Listen to punk rock loving comedian Kyle Kinane trash Public Image Ltd and discuss his life here.

Episode Summary:

The ultimate challenge of building a list of the greatest recorded music in human history is that there’s no chance in hell that you’ll ever get everyone to agree to what makes it on the list and what gets left out. Case in point: Metal Box, the 1979 sophomore release from experimental rockers Public Image Limited. With former Sex Pistols front man Johnny Rotten at the helm and a truly DIY approach to the production, you’d think this album would be a slam dunk for mohawk-sporting, ripped jeans-wearing anti-establishment types the world over. But alas, that is not the case for died-in-the-wool punk rocker and comedian Kyle Kinane, otherwise known for his gruff voicework on Paradise PD and pretty much every Comedy Central ad in recent memory, as well appearances on TruTv’s Those Who Can’t. Even though it exudes the contrarian nature of punk form its very core, there’s nothing even the most pretentious cultural essay or overly generous music critic can do to convince Kyle that this album deserves a spot anywhere but in a garbage can.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro
06:15 – Mix it all up, the more the better!
09:45 – Chicago punks just had fun in the 90s
11:30 – Kyle is a shitty music fan
15:30 – Life as a contrarian is exhausting
22:00 – A bad joke with a lot of detail
26:30 – Play ‘Monster Mash’ at Kyle’s funeral
29:00 – Albums you can listen to over and over and over
31:45 – Kyle looks like he unloads trucks for a living
36:30 – Hating the right people
40:15 – Starting a career with an audition for HBO
44:15 – The Burbs
47:45 – Cosplaying as an auto mechanic
52:30 – The ones you run into the room to watch
56:00 – Facts!
58:15 – Compare and despair
01:01:15 – Body Slam!
01:04:00 – Outro

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New Artist/Song influenced by Public Image Ltd:

‘Hey Christo’ by Blitz Vega (Listen on Spotify)


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