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Listen to Krystyna Hutchinson talk Echo & The Bunnymen and life here.

Episode Summary:

There’s a time for happy songs, sunshine and general good cheer. And then there comes a time when it’s best to sit and stare pensively out a dirty window at bleak, rain-soaked landscapes and ponder the meaning of human existence in an uncaring universe. Krystina Hutchinson has had plenty of both; enough to know that sometimes it feels good to feel bad. After all, unrelenting self-reflection and brutal honesty are hallmarks of her stand-up, as well as the key ingredients in making her podcast, Guys We Fucked, one of the most successful and widely respected of all time. And what better theme music is there to those moments of dark ruminations on love and misery than the soulless soul music of Echo and the Bunnymen’s 1981 sophomore release Heaven Up Here?

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
10:45 – This album is good for kicking a pill addiction
16:00 – It’s not cheating if they’re famous!
21:15 – Talking about talking about guys Krystina’s fucked
26:00 – Taking drugs to feel nothing
33:30 – Too raw for the Lifetime network
37:45 – Things change
42:15 – In reality, it’s not all about sex
46:30 – You gotta get out of Doylestown
50:40 – The curse of big boobs
53:00 – Living just to feel good
57:00 – Love would be enough
58:45 – Facts!
01:02:00 – The likelihood of YouTube commenters being losers
01:06:45 – From “Best Friends” to “You’re dead”
01:08:15 – “Petulance, incompetence & Pete de Freitas dying”
01:10:00 – Outro
01:12:15 – ‘Medio Litro’ by Cosmonauts


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New Artist/Song influenced by Echo & The Bunnymen:

‘Medio Litro’ by Cosmonauts (Listen on Spotify)

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