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Listen to Big Jay Oakerson and The Sklar Brothers talk Def Leppard live from Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin here.

Episode Summary:

Some artists speak for a generation. Some albums perfectly encapsulate a moment in time that, while perfect in that context, may seem out of place in any other time. English heavy metal icons Def Leppard’s contributions to the pantheon of rock are undeniable. But along the road to glorious immortality, there can often be a few questionable deviations. Without those somewhat dubious digressions, though, there would no opportunities for master comedians like Big Jay Oakerson and Randy & Jason Sklar to hilariously unpack the mullet-sporting, ripped jeans-wearing cheese of the 1987 album Hysteria, as they did for the first ever live episode at the 2019 Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
10:15 – Fast Times at Def Leppard High
16:30 – This could be a Michael Jackson record
22:45 – $100K isn’t $5 million, but it still causes a lot of stress
27:30 – Moving forward while looking back
34:45 – Getting gangbanged at 50
39:15 – Good things come to those who…
41:45 – Love holds your hair while you puke
45:15 – “Please welcome to the stage, Tigris and Euphrates!”
50:30 – Andrew Dice Clay mixed with Barbara Streisand
52:15 – Voting for Obama, or whatever
53:45 – Warning: This is a no-queef town
57:00 – Hysterical love
01:04:45 – Getting excited to do nothing
01:07:45 – The one-night-stand no one wants to keep going
01:13:00 – Outro
01:14:45 – “Panic Attack” by The Glorious Sons

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New Artist/Song influenced by Def Leppard:

‘Panic Attack’ by The Glorious Sons (Spotify)


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