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Episode Summary:

There’s a reason they call romantics hopeless, and it’s because while love can raise you up to dizzying heights of euphoria, it’ll also send you slamming into the ground with the speed of a freight train with zero explanation. There aren’t many people in the world who know this better than comedian Tony Sam, host of the podcast Legally Insane and TV Show ‘Food: Fact or Fiction?’ on the Cooking Channel. Sam’s had his heart ripped out more than a few times, enough to know he isn’t always free from blame when things go bad. But through it all, the lo-fi indie pop of the Magnetic Fields has helped him find some understanding through the curious chaos of intimacy, with their incredible 1999 three-volume release 69 Love Songs acting as something of a guidebook.

Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
07:45 – Smash Mouth and Smashing Pumpkins
13:00 – Stephin Merritt sings like a muppet
20:45 – Love will have you ripping up a purse with a pair of scissors
27:00 – The value of monogamy in the mind of a biologi
35:00 – The time Tony was wrong about buying a house
40:15 – Tony fucks like a bear eating garbage
42:45 – There’s something about romance at dawn
48:15 – Does butt sex count as losing your innocence?
57:45 – Not everyone’s Dad is great
01:04:30 – The best worst things about you
01:08:45 – Facts!
01:13:15 – Tony sings like an angel
01:14:45 – The hardest thing to deal without
01:17:00 – Outro
01:18:45 – ‘Dog inside a Car’ by Fell Runner


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New Artist/Song influenced by Magnetic Fields:

‘Dog Inside a Car’ by Fell Runner (Spotify) (YouTube)

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