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Listen to Kelsey Cook talk Coldplay and life here.

Episode Summary:

Music can remind us of many things: a time in our lives we were happy or a place we never wanted to leave, a fleeting moment we can’t return to a lover we can’t forget. For comedian Kelsey Cook, few bands held such an important space in her head and heart as Coldplay, who came into their own just as she was navigating the fraught path towards womanhood. The post-Britpop of those gentle piano rockers’ 2002 sophomore album A Rush of Blood to the Head provided Kelsey with no small amount of comfort as she maneuvered through turbulent relationships and the uncertainty of adult life, ultimately bringing her to the success of appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, and the launch of her own podcast, Self-Helpless.


Show Notes:

00:15 – Intro
07:30 – Coming out of the womb watching TRL
12:15 – Mod haircuts & turtlenecks
16:30 – This is the soundtrack to falling in love or eating at Applebee’s
24:15 – 9/11 didn’t make much sense to a fourth grader
30:45 – Never regret your imperfections
36:15 – Kelsey’s guide to an open relationship
40:45 – Big Witch Energy
43:15 – Josh doesn’t want to die waiting in line for a movie
46:00 – The challenges of writing clean
52:15 – Foosball!
54:45 – Lessons from borderline exes
58:15 – “You’re young and you’ve got a hole.”
01:03:30 – Facts!
01:05:45 – When is it time to leave a bit behind?
01:12:15 – Horror stories from the road
01:15:00 – Outro
01:16:45 – ‘Lover’ by Luke Sital Singh

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New Artist/Song influenced by Coldplay:

Luke Sital-Singh “Lover” (Spotify) (YouTube)

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