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Episode Summary:

One of the most raw albums Bruce Springsteen ever produced sets the scene for actor and comedian Jay Mohr to bare his soul discussing his own roller coaster ride following his heart to the bottom and back up again. The roots between these two prolific entertainers intertwine at a much deeper level than merely their shared home state of New Jersey. The Boss takes a break from blue collar dreams to tell the story of straddling the fence in a relationship that shouldn’t be saved with pure poetry in the 1987 album Tunnel of Love.


Show Notes:

00:30 – Intro
07:45 – Interview begins
09:30 – 02:12:30 – Pain and Anguish of divorce with tragic and comedic truth dispersed via legendary impressionist and performer Jay Mohr
02:12:30 – Gaslight Anthem “National Anthem

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Gaslight Anthem “National Anthem” (Spotify) (YouTube)

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