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Listen to Charley Steiner talk PBBB, the counter-culture driven music of the 60’s, sports and life here.

Episode Summary:

It’s a counterculture deep dive with the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers Charley Steiner sharing his lesser known, but no less intense passion for music through the lens of the 1965 debut self-titled album by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Emboldened by Jack Keroac’s On The Road, the radio deejay-turned-sports broadcaster recalls leaving the country for the first time with the destination set for a small blues club in Montreal to watch Chicago’s first integrated electro-funk-blues-rock-jazz fusion outfit making music history in more ways than one.

And just like 23 year-old Paul Butterfield adopted the sounds from a previous generation, Steiner confides he would practice announcing baseball games in his basement with the TV on silent, dreaming that one day, he’d be so fortunate as to follow in Vin Scully’s footsteps only to realize the feat in his Gump-ian life of seemingly endless serendipity.

Show Notes:

00:30 – Intro
07:45 – Interview begins
09:30 – Charley goes On The Road
10:00 – PBBB was too young (23) to be so good
11:00 – Charley Steiner, the deejay
12:15 – Dodger dream
16:15 – The Flower Power Hour
22:45 – Evander Hollyfield’s ear race
28:45 – Hiring John Madden & Keith Olberman
30:30 – Working with Trump
32:15 – The Charley Steiner School of Sports Communication
33:30 – Bonding over Suffering
37:00 – Just go out and play
39:30 – 17 years old in a foreign land
43:00 – Born in Chicago
49:00 – the drummer is indeed white
50:15 – This is Charley Steiner
59:45 – Where is the love?
01:03:15 – GREAT GAMES
01:07:45 – Charley’s 3 yodas
01:11:30 – Outro
01:13:00 – ‘Morning in America’ by Durand Jones & The Indications

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New Artist/Song influenced by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band:

Durand Jones & The Indications “Morning In America” (Spotify) (YouTube)

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