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Listen to Andrew “Cheeto” Santino talk The Fugees and life here.

Episode Summary:

They say all good things must come to an end, and for the golden era of hip hop, there is no exception. Tastes change and styles are rewritten, remixed and repurposed. But no one can deny that for a brief moment in time, The Fugees captured lightning in a bottle through the equal parts true-to-life storytelling, vicious wordplay and heart wrenching musicality in their second and, ultimately, final studio album: 1996’s The Score. Few appreciate that more than comedian, actor and podcaster Andrew Santino. His love of the supergroup’s creativity and uncompromising vision has helped him blaze his own path, leading to appearances on Showtime’s I’mDying Up Here and the film The Disaster Artist, as well as the creation of his widely successful podcast Whiskey Ginger.

Show Notes:

01:15 – Intro
09:45 – A 13-year-old white hip hop junkie
16:00 – Rappers used to have some humility in their flex
18:45 – Sophomore albums sink or swim
23:30 – Lauryn Hill was the best thing about the Fugees
28:45 – Without exercise, Andrew would be a monster
33:00 – The highs and lows of being a redhead
39:15 – How many mics until you’re for real?
45:15 – Better to drown on your own than take someone with you
50:15 – If someone can steal your joke, it’s not that good of a joke
55:00 – Please don’t slow dance to 311 at your wedding
01:02:15 – Is it nerdy to want to be alone?
01:14:15 – Two white guys talk about race
01:19:00 – Regrets are whack
01:28:00 – Blue collar upbringings
01:35:45 – No one under 30 should be famous
01:39:30 – Revenge!
01:46:30 – The shittiest jobs are the best jobs
01:52:30 – When success sneaks up on you
01:58:00 – Calling a dick small is a cheap shot
02:06:30 – Outro
02:08:30 – ‘Girl’ by The Internet

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New Artist/Song influenced by The Fugees:

The Internet “Girl” (Spotify) (YouTube)

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