George Michael / Faith

Fan Post by Evan Wynne

George Michale’s iconic album Faith was released on October 30th, 1987. Immediately, the album was received with critical and commercial success, as it shot to number one on the Billboard chart, and garnered Michael with the Grammy for Album of the Year.

I first heard of George Michael from his work in Wham!. I enjoyed some of Wham!’s songs and had heard of Michael’s solo album, so I decided to give it a listen. I Immediately fell in love with it. One aspect of George Michael’s work that I always admired was the soul he brought to his music. With every word he sings, you can hear the passion he pours into his music.

The album opens with the title track. A church organ slowly fades up in the start of the song just to abruptly stop and go into the main groove. Michael’s vocals come in and help to drive it by keeping the energy high and exciting. The second track, “Father Figure,” slows it down a bit, and opens with simple synth chords and a soothing high hat. Michael’s vocals are genuine and soothing.

“I want Your Sex (Parts I & II)” is the third track from the album and is an exciting and sweet song. It clocks in at just over nine minutes, and stands out as the highlight of the album for me. The song takes the listener on a fun, synth-pop, soulful journey throughout its entirety. It builds and builds, adding in new instruments and changing the groove ever-so-slightly. The instrumentation paired with Michael’s seductive voice and lyrics makes this song an absolute blast from beginning to end as it makes you want to just dance.

“One More Try” is one of the album’s slower numbers, and this may be where Michael’s singing shines the most. His beautiful voice has time to breathe on the track, exemplifying the gut-wrenching vocals he provides throughout the album. Later tracks such as “Look at Your Hands” and “Monkey” are exciting, upbeat songs that just ooze 80’s synthpop in the best way possible. The album ends with “A Last Request (I Want Your Sex),” a song that is calming and makes you reflect on the album as a whole. It has a simple melody and progression but again Michael’s vocals elevate it. His soothing voice puts the listener at ease, ending the album on an almost melancholic note.

George Michael’s Faith is a classic album, and it’s obvious to see why it’s still praised today more than thirty years after its release. The album helped define 80’s synthpop. The instrumentation is fantastic, but the greatest part about George Michael’s Faith is George Michael himself. Every word, lyric, and sound he makes on the album I can feel, and I believe that is why Faith has remained such an important piece of music history, not just for me, but for many others as well.

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