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Listen to Nia Renee Hill talk George Michael and life here.

Episode Summary:

Bursting through the English pop scene with WHAM!, 24 year-old George Michael went solo in 1987 with the release of the Grammy award-winning album Faith producing seven singles including I Want Your Sex, Father Figure, and the title track finding its inspiration from Elvis and porn, it is decided. When actor Nia Renee Hill first heard Faith in the late ’80’s she couldn’t help but be inspired by the rebellious truth inherent in breaking free from conventional norms. Hearing the call to pursue a full-time career in film, she moved to New York working in casting for MTV and on TV shows like Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn where she met her husband Bill Burr. With a ton of hard work and a renewed self-belief, she rediscovered her love of acting recently making appearances on Santa Clarita Diet, Crashing on HBO, and F is for Family on Netflix.

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Show Notes:

01:15 – Intro
10:30 – Welcome Nia, lover of George Michael
12:30 – I Want Your Sex is Prince, Porn and Elvis
19:45 – Nia’s facts come early and often
22:45 – Faith and Perfectionism
28:15 – Did you know George was gay?
36:15 – Dad Advice
39:30 – Meeting Bill on set of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn
43:15 – Ass to Ass
50:45 – Vacuum Battles
55:15 – Innocence Lost to Jamiroquai
1:00:30 – Tina the Coordinator
01:13:30 – Assertive and Fearless
01:15:30 – Don’t be afraid of your own voice
01:17:00 – Broke as a joke
01:30:30 – Addiction Monkeys
01:35:00 – “LA sober”
01:42:30 – Naked with Bobby Lee and Jeremiah Watkins
01:44:45 – True Love is a ride to the airport
01:49:15 – Facts!
01:53:30 – Scizzoring with Rihanna
01:55:00 – Outro
01:57:45 – ‘Take The Lions On’ by January Jane

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New Artist/Song influenced by George Michael:

January Jane “Take The Lions On” (Spotify) (YouTube)

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