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Episode 476 – Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death – Bert Kreischer

Episode Summary:

Every so often the universe sees fit to gift a person with the ability to keep others desperately clinging to their every word, so enthralled with the details of even the simplest anecdote that all sense of time and purpose are lost, and all that matters to the eager audience is what happens next. It’s even less common that two talented orators cross baths in such a brief and spectacular way as comedian and storyteller Bert Kreischer and rapper Notorious B.I.G. For one brief second in 1997, the two shared the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Notorious B.I.G. had been murdered just weeks after the release of Life After Death, a double-album rife with tales of the opulence and violence of the New York City drug trade. Bert was being named America’s top partier, and would go on to release two comedy specials, host two television shows, produce his own podcast, Bertcast. Now, nearly 25 years later, Bert reveals just how important that shared moment and Biggie’s music was to him.

Show Notes:

00:30 – Intro
06:30 – Biggie and Bert shared the cover of Rolling Stone
10:00 – Bert learned about hip hop from Barbara Walters
13:00 – Will Smith does not know who killed Biggie
16:30 – Half of this album is Puff Daddy album
20:00 – Is life worth living? Should you blast yourself?
26:00 – When motherfuckers just aren’t worth your time
29:45 – Spinning lies while spitting game
38:45 – Can you lose your virginity to a mattress?
42:15 – How to fil your -last 24 hours
45:15 – The real question is: what won’t Bert do for money?
49:15 – Seeing Dave Chappelle get into a fist fight
53:15 – How to stop bleeding money
58:00 – Becoming a great storyteller
01:00:15 – To cheat or be cheated on?
01:04:30 – East Coast vs. West Coast: What sucks about each?
01:11:00 – Getting fat to stay faithful
01:13:00 – Once Bert landed in LA, there was no going back
01:15:15 – Giggle like your life depends on it
01:20:00 – Being bold enough to bare it all
01:22:45 – No fear as a child turns to a ton of fear as an adult
01:35:00 – How Bert’s going out
01:37:00 – Outro
01:40:15 – New Music by Benny the Butcher

New Artist / Song influenced by Notorious B.I.G.:

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