Dijon Duenas, or Dijon, is a new emerging alternative R&B artist from Maryland, USA, who should be getting more listening love.

Dijon is currently best known as the former vocalist from the R&B duo Abhi/Dijon. It’s hard to find much information on Dijon, but he’s only just begun to release his solo music at the beginning of 2017.

11 days ago, Dijon released a new 2019 album, Sci Fi. The album is so soulful and soothing. Yet it contains moments of urgency in songs like “Lace and “Sci Fi 1.

‘Cannonball’ is a beautiful serenade, that feels like a warm hug you won’t want to stop. A lot of the tracks are beautifully accompanied by acoustic guitar and sweet lyrical melodies, or mesmerizing deeper vocal articulations like in Bracelet‘.

Listening to Dijon, there’s definitely a similar vibe to D’Angelo and his warm melodies, with a hint of alternative pop.

Searching deeper, through Discogs Website, we found he has done vocals for boy band Brockhampton’s song “Summer.

Check him out! This artist deserves some recognition.


Artist Links:

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