Episode 482 – Steve Earle Guitar Town – Tom Everett Scott


Episode Summary:

Actor Tom Everett Scott finds parallels to his own life in the small-town roots and overnight success of Steve Earle’s 1986 debut album Guitar Town.

Every so often an artist comes along whose talent, brilliance and charm grab the public’s attention so quickly and so intensely that the person’s sudden elevation to celebrity shocks even them. Such is the case of Tom Everett Scott, who not long after graduating from theater school, was cast in his hero Tom Hank’s directorial debut That Thing You Do, which has since become a cult classic for music and movie lovers everywhere.

Tom went on to star in several of the most iconic movies and television series of his generation, including American Werewolf in Paris, Dead Man on Campus and, most recently, truTV’s I’m Sorry. Never one to forget his small-town roots, the heartfelt blues-rock longing and quiet country loneliness of Steve Earle’s debut album Guitar Town, also sharing in instant classic status when it was released in 1986, reminded Tom much of where he’s been and how he’s gotten to where he is now.


Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:05:45 – What’s worse: Huey Lewis & the News or 311?
00:08:45 – How to sound like a Masshole
00:10:00 – The Steve Earle song that will play at Steve Zahn’s funeral
00:12:45 – Tom’s least favorite song from the album is Johnny Cash’s favorite
00:17:00 – What is a bird dog?
00:19:00 – The pressures of being a huge hit
00:28:15 – The secret to 21 years of marital bliss
00:31:30 – Thank God for supportive parents
00:38:00 – Getting out of a small town and never looking back
00:46:30 – Emerging from the darkness
00:50:30 – The time a girl attacked Tom for dumping her
00:54:00 – Josh’s fearless heart
00:56:45 – Auditions from Hell
01:01:45 – Parenting from a distance is the worst
01:09:45 – Facts!
01:12:30 – It’s impossible to know how successful something will be
01:13:45 – Tom got fired for being too charming
01:15:30 – JCVD pulls no punches
01:23:15 – Outro


New Artist / Song influenced by Steve Earle:


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