Episode 483 – Gang of Four Entertainment! – Karen Kilgariff


Episode Summary:

Comedy television maven Karen Kilgariff makes up for bailing on going to a Gang of Four concert with Josh by pouring her heart out over a thorough analysis of the band’s 1979 release Entertainment!

Work hard on something you love for long enough and two things are bound to happen: you master it, and you stop caring about anything not directly related to how much you love that thing. If nothing else, that may be the most important lesson Karen Kilgariff has to offer. Starting out as a stand up in the early 1990s, she went on to become the head writer of The Rosie ShowThe Ellen Degeneres Show, and The Pete Holmes Show.

After battling addiction, anxiety, and insecurity, Karen has reached a point in her career where she is able to look beyond the stress and struggles of trying to make it, leaving her with zero fucks left to give and one of the most successful podcasts in existence, My Favorite Murder. That mindset makes Karen the best possible person to unpack the uncompromising political statements and savage criticisms of modern romance that make up Gang of Four’s highly influential 1979 release Entertainment!


Show Notes:

00:01:00 – Intro
00:05:45 – Episode starts
00:06:00 – Searching for whatever music cool people enjoy
00:09:30 – Neither Josh nor Karen had ever heard of Gang of Four before
00:11:00 – When Karen bailed on a Gang of Four concert
00:20:45 – The feeling of four musicians doing their own thing all at once
00:26:00 – The musical equivalent of doing cocaine
00:28:00 – Fighting the voice inside you saying, ‘Everything sucks’
00:36:30 – The ‘mee-grains’ of modern romance
00:38:45 – Karen’s worst date ever
00:44:00 – Karen vs. Not Great Men
00:47:00 – Karen’s mom ran a mental hospital
00:51:30 – The fun of spiteful endings
00:56:30 – Selling carnival peanuts is the worst job in the world
00:58:30 – No one gives drummers enough cred
01:02:45 – Paying attention is sexy
01:09:15 – Karen  would totally fuck Abe Lincoln
01:12:45 – Phoning it in with friends and family
01:17:00 – Why do people love murder?
01:19:45 – The time Karen almost died at SXSW
01:25:00 – How to burn bridges and have seizures at the same time
01:28:45 – Facts!
01:36:15 – Stand up for what you believe in
01:44:00 – How to exploit your friends for fun and profit
01:46:00 – Daytime TV is the most un-rock star shit ever
01:49:00 – Dropping out of a theater program will teach you a lot about performing
01:52:15 – Making it and losing it literally four times
01:57:15 – Outro


New Artist / Song influenced by Gang of Four:


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