Episode 484 – Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes – Matt Pinfield


Episode Summary:

Music industry legend Matt Pinfield lets Josh pick over his encyclopedic brain in this epic discussion of the slightly obscure but sorely underrated 1972 Mott the Hoople release All the Young Dudes.

Saying Matt Pinfield knows a lot about music may be the greatest understatement of the century. The former MTV VJ and alternative radio industry titan is not just a walking, talking encyclopedia of music fact and lore, his tastes have launched a thousand bands’ careers over the years.

It all started with him parked in front of a record player, listening to a stack of albums as a child, fueling a burning passion to seek out new tunes. And looking back at an unpredictable career and a life filled with as much joy as heartbreak, it’s clear there is no one better equipped to pick apart the oft-overlooked and genius-inspired glam rock artistry of All the Young Dudes, the 1972 album from Mott the Hoople, who came too damn close to never releasing some of their best work ever.


Show Notes:

04:30 – Interview start
06:00 – Growing up in love with radio
08:30 – The sex appeal of David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs
10:15 – Mott the Hoople’s near break up
13:30 – The ever-present hunger for new tunage
16:00 – Matt learned of Mott from a TV commercial
20:45 – Starting an album with a cover is a ballsy move
23:00 – Your world is your bubble
29:00 – Wheelin’ and dealin’ for sex
34:30 – Staying relevant while staying in radio
40:00 – Lessons learned from being the greatest strip club DJ that ever lived
45:45 – How to get your balls out of other people’s grip
54:30 – Running a radio station out of an old cat lady’s bed and breakfast
59:45 – You gotta project to get respect
01:02:45 – Meet your darlings
01:06:30 – Verden Allen was not a great songwriter
01:09:00 – Music can get you through anything, even being hit by a car
01:16:15 – Facts!
01:20:00 – We all have an experience of being stabbed in the back
01:23:30 – The great debate: U.S. or U.K. rock?
01:25:45 – When you think you’re in control, the universe proves you wrong
01:28:45 – When David Bowie asks you to hang, you do it
01:34:00 – Outro


New Artist / Song influenced by Mott the Hoople:


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