Listen to Big Jay Oakerson’s mixtape which is his Top Tracks of 2018.


Strangest Thing – The War On Drugs
Steppin’ Out – Joe Jackson
Africa – Toto
I’m On One – DJ Khalid
Craziest – Naughty By Nature
Band Of Gypsies – Cypress Hill
Not To Touch The Earth – The Doors
Pretty Pimpin’ – Kurt Vile
Vide Noir – Lord Huron
You’re The Only Woman – Ambrosia

Check out episode #487 here.

One thought on “Big Jay Oakerson Playlist

  1. Hello again Jimmy Josh!

    It’s Ryan from CANADA, again. and it’s colder than Rudolph’s bean bag!!

    I just wanted to write in advance of the VITALOGY episode, to thank you and your guests for such fun episodes. It’s great learning about so many musical backgrounds.
    This album in particular is absolutely critical in my growth as a person and music lover. I had graduated from high school 6 months prior and was making plans to leave home for 2 years. December 6, 1994 was the day that changed my life, as I raced to pick up VITALOGY on cassette and CD. I can still remember the thoughts I had upon hearing the opening sounds/noise that open Last Exit. I was in for a ride!!! Needless to say, hearing this incredible album and learning where I would move for the next 2 years of my adult life will always be intertwined. It most definitely shaped who I am and what and who I love. I love The 500 podcast and you and your fleecy 4 legs and THE FLEECE ARMY! Thank you always. “Tickle my nausea!”


    Ryan Coppieters
    Lethbridge, Alberta

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