Episode 487 – Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual – Big Jay Oakerson


Episode Summary:

Cyndi Lauper’s debut album title She’s So Unusual is nothing short of the perfect descriptor for her looks, the sound of her voice, and the genre-bending compilation of tracks that won her Best New Artist at the 1984 Grammy’s.

Growing up, Big Jay Oakerson was drawn to her strangeness, and he was not alone. Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga created careers out of replicating and building upon that oddball personality, letting their freak flags fly.

This conversation pre-dates #daformat

It was recorded in Montreal at Just For Laughs, July 2018.

Jay and Josh go deep on some interesting topics including the heart palpitating music of the ’80s, songs to cry to, hip hop figuring out how to entertain and put on a show by studying KISS, and Cyndi’s imprint on the evolution of music itself.


Show Notes:

07:30 – Big Jay begins
08:00 – Why Cyndi Lauper?
11:30 – The greatest Cyndi Lauper interview EVER on The Bonfire
18:30 – Guns n Roses
21:00 – GDCJ music performed by Jay
23:30 – Cyndi Lauper vs Madonna
28:00 – Watch (listen to us watch) the Time After Time video
31:30 – Money Changes Everything
35:00 – She Bop and masturbation
39:15 – I’ll Kiss You is the 80’s
43:15 – Hip Hop stars look like rock stars
47:00 – Standup vs hip hop live
50:00 – Lil Wayne rocks
53:15 – Surprise fans of Jay’s comedy
1:01:00 – Influences
1:06:00 – Songs to cry to


New Artist / Song influenced by Cyndi Lauper:


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