Episode 490 – ZZ Top Tres Hombres – Chris Porter


Episode Summary:

There’s nothing as simple, pure and powerful as people with instruments engaged in a solid jam session, and that is exactly how this week’s guest, Chris Porter, met our humble host.

He and Josh were the pied pipers of a shiftless group of comedians who gathered at the Unknown Theater after all of LA’s comedy mics were said and done, to drink, party and play music into the wee hours of the night.

Those strange days are long gone, though, and Chris has grown a lot from his early success as a finalist on season four of Last Comic Standing, branching out into his own “Comedy Central Presents” special, “Gotham Comedy Live” appearances, and the release of a brand new album Ugly and Angry. But he’s never gone too far from his Kansas roots, or his love of the muddy blues-rock of the 1973 album that defined ZZ Top’s signature style, Tres Hombres.

One of Josh’s oldest friends in comedy Chris Porter joins The 500 to relive the glory days of jam sessions past and revel in the high octane blues rock glory that is ZZ Top’s 1973 release Tres Hombres.


Show Notes:

01:30 – Intro
08:00 – Episode start
09:15 – Chris’s dad’s mixtapes are FIRE
11:00 – Late night jams at the Unknown Theater
13:00 – There aren’t many 9th-grade prog-jazz bands
14:45 – First mention of the album
17:15 – Every ZZ Top song is for buying coke, fast driving or winning fistfights
19:00 – “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers” is the most ZZ Top song ever, and should be cut from the album
22:00 – The 4 seconds of trespassing that got Chris arrested
25:15 – Blues in Chicago, Jesus in Orlando
27:45 – The show Chris thought he might die at
31:45 – Josh almost brawled in the Kibitz Room
34:30 – Chris used to get drunk and drive around in corn fields
36:30 – If “Hot, Blue and Righteous” weren’t so slow, it would be the DNC theme song
38:45 – The Porter’s wanted their son to have a car so he would party more
40:45 – Why are crazy women so sexy?
45:00 – “La Grange” is a song for fightin’ and fuckin’ (prostitutes)
51:30 – Facts!
54:55 – Frank Beard has no beard!
58:00 – Chris makes a cameo on a DVD liner
59:15 – The first gig is always okay
1:11:30 – New Music


New Artist / Song influenced by ZZ Top:


Guest Playlist:

Chris Porter’s Playlist on (Youtube)


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