Check out Gareth Reynolds’ playlist which is missing some intelligent hip hop given the amount of chatter about Tribe, etc on the episode. Why did he lie to us? Whyyyyy?!  (Don’t tell him we wrote this. Whatever you do. He was so funny, we want him to come back on, and this music is actually a pretty dope mix.)

Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant
If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley
Tapioca Tundra – The Monkees
Cenozoic Death Waltz – Leeches of Lore
4000 Miles – Blackalicious
One Piece at a Time – Johnny Cash
I Wanna be Like You – The Jungle Book
Reagan – Killer Mike
Ripple – Grateful Dead
Ride On – AC/DC
Choices – E40
Very Ape – Nirvana
No Expectation – Rolling Stones
It Ain’t All Flowers – Sturgil Simpson

Listen to Gareth’s episode of The 500 talking about MGMT’s debut Oracular Spectacular here.


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