Episode 495 – Bonnie Raitt Give It Up – Fortune Feimster


Episode Summary:

Fortune Feimster joins The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers to discuss her life and Bonnie Raitt’s album Give It Up.

To say that comedian Fortune Feimster and blues songstress Bonnie Raitt both are uncompromising, independent and driven by their own sheer strength of will would be an understatement.

Raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, Fortune knew from an early age that knuckling down and working harder than anyone else around her was the only way to overcome heartbreak, insecurity and every other barrier life threw up in front of her.

Now, the writer, actor and improv powerhouse has reach the point where she has been able to share her talents through such works as Chelsea Lately and her own half-hour specials on Netflix and Comedy Central; much like Bonnie, who overcame substance abuse issues and less than favorable reception from the public, even if it wasn’t until years after the 1972 release of her dynamic blues-rock sophomore album Give It Up.


Show Notes:

01:00 – Intro
13:45 – Episode start
14:45 – Older Carolinians love “beach music”
17:45 – LA made Fortune start to appreciate country
18:30 – Rod Stewart & Meatloaf was Fortune’s first concert
19:30 – A lesbian who loves boy bands, who knew?
21:00 – Bonnie Raitt is the perfect soundtrack to being in the closet
23:15 – Bonnie Raitt has country hair
24:00 – The things that stick out on first listen
26:15 – At what point do you bare your soul to someone?
30:00 – Infidelity!
31:30 – Bonnie Raitt is a sexy cafeteria lady
34:00 – Why do bad things happen to white people… in Mexico?
37:00 – Knowing what you don’t want to know what you want
40:15 – What it means to “Love Me Like a Man”
42:00 – Too Many Corn Dogs, Too Much Jesus
45:00 – You Got to Know How… to Fuck!
47:15 – Facts!
48:00 – Fortune’s unknowing role models
50:00 – The advice you get vs. the advice you give
52:30 – The hardest time in Fortune’s life
55:15 – Where is she now?
58:15 – Outro


New Artist / Song influenced by Bonnie Raitt:


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