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Episode497 – The White Stripes White Blood Cells – Bill Burr


Episode Summary:

Bill Burr joins Josh Adam Meyers on The 500 to breakdown The White Stripes’ 2001 album White Blood Cells.

Burr’s a drummer. His musical history isn’t a surprise to fans of The God Damn Comedy Jam. He’s worn many a wig – tightly bound to his bald head – as he thrashed on the kit, trying to replicate a fill from John Bonham or a breakdown from The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique.

On this episode, Burr compliments Meg White’s Zeppelin-esque “choices” holding down the rhythm section.

We knew it’d be great, but we didn’t know the conversation would be THIS good about music, comedy, society’s failings, talking to women at Gelson’s, and Soundgarden’s progressive time signature. Even Dave Chappelle makes a cameo as the all-seeing oracle predicting Burr’s slow-burn success.

Howlin Hank on Bill Burr’s “F is for Family” on Netflix

And here we are…

Check out Burr’s podcast, Monday Morning Podcast.

Check out his new movie The Front Runner.

Check ME out on F is for Family on Netflix. I play DJ Howlin Hank.


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Show Notes:

00:01:00 – Intro, Thank you Baltimore, Happy Thanksgiving!
00:06:00 – God Damn Comedy Jam in NY/LA
00:10:00 – Enter Bill Burr
00:15:00 – Soundgarden’s complex time signature
00:17:00 – Bill the introvert always wanted to be on stage
00:18:00 – Bill gives Josh dating advice to use at Gelson’s
00:20:00 – Bill’s music history
00:35:00 – Bill on flying into new airports
00:37:00 – Bill’s current listening is all over the place
00:48:45 – Seattle’s grunge takes over LA hair bands
00:49:30 – Eminem’s obsession with writing on stoops
00:52:00 – Album facts begin
00:55:00 – Jack White told the producer to ‘keep it dirty’
00:56:30 – Meg White’s powerful and unique style
00:57:15 – John Bonham x Meg White
01:01:45 – Is this a break-up album?
01:09:00 – Tracklist and overall album sound
01:14:00 – Track by track breakdown
01:16:45 – Click bait sucks
01:17:45 – Offend in Every Way
01:20:30 – Dave Chapelle the oracle foresees Bill’s future
01:22:00 – Talking shit with Patrice O’Neal
01:23:00 – The Eagles’ Super Bowl victory
01:24:30 – FaceTiming with Bill in England when the Caps won
01:25:00 – Bill’s 7 Nation Army royalty theory
01:27:00 – Can Bill smell a rat?
01:28:00 – Phil Phurr
01:30:00 – The Beastie Boys were right on time
01:33:45 – The 500 soup
01:35:00 – We Are Gonna Be Friends
01:38:45 – Who Influenced the White Stripes?
01:40:15 – Bill released his Live at the Carnegie album on Third Man Records
01:42:30 – Music Bill walks on stage to
01:45:00 – The Union Forever lyrics originate from the script of Citizen Kane
01:47:30 – The 500 LIVE at Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin April 2019
01:48:15 – The 500 Club
01:49:00 – New Music


New Artist / Song influenced by The White Stripes:


Bill Burr’s Playlist:

Check out what Burr’s digging right now. (Youtube)


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