Can’t get enough of The Stone Roses’ roller coaster ride of a run?

Read, listen, watch more on the band below!

For Episode 498, Comedian Jim Jefferies shares his love for The Stone Roses and this self-titled debut album even though he didn’t really get into the band until a decade after its release while living in England. Funny how that happens to us. We get into music late, and we’re sure this will happen to many listeners of The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers considering the fact that so many albums will be unearthed from the time capsule as we move through the next decade of music, one album at a time.

So, if this episode awakened or reawakened a love affair with The Stone Roses, please check out some of these books & documentaries about the band to learn more.


Book: The Stone Roses “War and Peace”

Audiobook: The Stone Roses’ 33 1/3 Series by Alex Green, Narrated by Fred Berman

(Get a FREE download and a FREE 30-day trial for The 500 listeners.)


Ian Brown Documentary “The Works” (2001)

The Sex Pistols “Nevermind the Bollocks”

Oasis “Definitely Maybe” The Documentary

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