Episode 498 – The Stone Roses – Jim Jefferies


Episode Summary:

Comedian Jim Jefferies joins Josh Adam Meyers on The 500 Podcast to profess his love for The Stone Roses’ self-titled debut album while Meyers explains how important Jefferies was to the birth of this show.

They dive headfirst into late 80’s London tackling atheism and spirituality, philosophy as it relates to what drives successful people, and the music of that time and place. They breakdown the artist, the sound, the lyrics, and the environment which produced this killer album.


Show Notes:

00:01:30 – Intro
00:09:00 – Jim grew up listening to Aussie pub rock
00:09:45 – Natalie Imbruglia stole the song “Torn”
00:10:30 – “Accidentally Kelly Street” is a song about rehab
00:11:45 – A brief history of Aussie pub rock
00:14:15 – The big obsession bands
00:16:00 – Madonna was one of the first women Josh jerked off to
00:17:30 – How has Jim’s music appreciation grown?
0019:30 – Feeling stuck in the same music
00:20:00 – Music brings happy memories
00:21:00 – First mention of the album
00:22:30 – How Jim discovered Stone Roses
00:25:00 – What first sticks out about the album?
00:26:30 – A variety of English accents
00:29:15 – What draws Jim to this music
00:30:30 – The best of their only two albums
00:33:00 – How to make this a perfect album
00:36:30 – Sell out whenever you can!
00:38:00 – Comedians can’t sell out
00:39:15 – This is the band that brought back guitar music
00:42:30 – Finding meaning in Ian Brown’s lyrics
00:44:30 – A Tale of Two Albums
00:46:00 – The nature of situationalism
00:49:00 – ‘Elizabeth My Dear’ is a ripoff
00:49:15 – The most ridiculous thing Jim has done to impress someone
00:54:00 – Never the romantic lead
00:56:00 – ‘Made of Stone’ is Josh’s personal British invasion
00:58:45 – Are you afraid of death?
01:02:15 – There is no relationship time machine
01:04:00 – A relationship that dragged on too long
01:08:15 – You’re either an atheist or you’re not
01:12:45 – Facts!
01:14:30 – What scenes have influenced you?
01:15:45 – The reunion that wasn’t supposed to happen
01:17:45 – What are your best cameos?
01:19:45 – Revenge!
01:20:45 – Getting your first big break


New Song / Artist influenced by The Stone Roses:


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