We are warming up some chocolate chip cookies in the oven to get you enticed to buy the house AKA subscribe to the podcast.

If you loved OutKast Aquemeni, you’re going to love this conversation with comedian/actor Byron Bowers on southernplayalisticadillacmuzik…

For those with no attention span or no commute to devour the 90 minute convo…or perhaps you’re just here for the cookies as you were dragged to this open house…Check out these delicious audiograms!

We used dark chocolate for the health benefits, antioxidants and what not.

Please let us know if you like any of these bytes from the show.

Was Kendrick Lamar Inspired by OutKast?

Byron Bowers on the Importance of OutKast to ATL

Byron Bowers on the importance of Aquemeni to his life at the time of its release

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