This is The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers! Or, rather, this is the trailer for The 500, a podcast that’s not so much a podcast as it is a musical book club for record heads, comedy fans and soul searchers alike.

Our host, Josh, has been a passionate music lover his entire life, and over the course of his career as a stand up comedian, writer and performer, he’s been able to translate that obsession with song writing, instrumentation and lyricism into a blend of both art forms.

This first came to life through his wildly popular live show, The Goddamn Comedy Jam, which features musicians and comedians performing together monthly at their home base, the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles.

Josh eventually brought the live show to television for a season and a special on Comedy Central, as well as several festivals, reaching audiences of to up to 15,000 people from MSG to Bonaroo. But our host is a man of insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm for the rich heritage of music we all share. And he knows that like most people, there’s a lot stuff out there he’s never even thought to listen to.

So now, Josh is asking you to join him on a journey of exploration as he uses Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time as a jumping off point for a deep dive into genres, artists and soundscapes that tell us all a little bit about where we’ve been, where we are now, and maybe even where we might be headed as a people and a culture. And who better to act as guide on this mighty quest than the funniest, most creative and most talented people Josh can find, like Bill Burr, Kevin Nealon, Fortune Feimster, Byron Bowers, and Jim Jefferies,

Each week, Josh will pick a guest who has a particular connection to one of the albums on the list, and they’ll discuss the importance of its release, the influence its creator had and whatever other weird tangents that come to mind from listening¬† through this list of undeniably classic tracks.

Whether you want to find some new tunes to add to your next playlist, be able to finally keep up with whatever the hell the cool looking coffee shop hipsters are talking about, or just roll your eyes at whatever got ranked above your favorite album, this podcast has everything you need.

Strap in though, because starting at episode 500, you’re going to be with Josh for the next nine and a half years!

-Pete Musto, Associate Producer

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